Friday, March 1, 2019

Letter of February 2019


On the wall of Speed’s Hangar Deli, the excellent warbird-themed restaurant on Sandretto Drive, is a collection of old World War II recruiting posters. One of them features an attractive young woman saying, “I wish I was a man, because then I would join the Navy.” I cannot but note the irony that, nowadays, men are switching genders to female, then suing for the right to join the Navy.

A few years ago, I would have found that juxtaposition quite humorous, but not anymore. Americans need to face the brutal facts: when a boy grows up in this country, there is a change of about 0.6% – and rising – that the medical authorities will talk him into getting himself castrated. Far from solving young men’s psychological problems, dissatisfaction with the outcome is so great that post-op transsexuals commit suicide at some twenty times the normal rate.

Nevertheless, criticizing this madness will get you labelled a bigot. Hell, even the ex-transgender activist Walt Heyer, proprietor of, is considered a bigot and a fraud by many on the left, for trying to warn other young men not to make the same mistakes that he did.

The salient question for most people is: will you raise a child in this society? I’m not talking mainly of geography, but of influence – will you allow your offspring to be educated by the mainstream schools and media that have produced this situation?

People who were angry about Genderbread Man, but not angry enough to remove their children from the public schools, have some rethinking to do.

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