Thursday, March 7, 2019

It Shouldn’t Be Depressing To Talk About Winter

My prediction of a continuing economic decline, no matter which party is in power, has elicited complaints that my blog is depressing. But hard times need not be depressing if you are prepared for them.
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My earlier post, The Economy is Smaller than in 2000, has elicited quite a bit of discussion among my friends. The complaints are that it is depressing, and that I provide no solutions for America’s continuing decline. And the latter criticism is true – I made it clear that I don’t think either political party has the will or ability to reverse the decline.

But I think it is unfair to call my post depressing. Yes, the economy is going to keep declining, but individuals can still be frugal and take care of themselves and their families. People have survived, and are surviving, much poorer economies all over the world.

What I am doing is predicting a lean season, an economic winter. It is as if one September, a man says that the temperature has been falling and will keep falling and no amount of politicking will change it, and in reaction, all of his neighbours accuse him of preaching despair and gloom.

Obviously, there are analogies other than the seasons to which our situation can be compared. For example, one commentator summarized my earlier thesis as: “Nothing can be done to right the ship!? No course corrections are possible?”

I’m not saying that course corrections are impossible, only that neither party has the will to make the corrections we need – such as austerity and sound money. In the ship analogy, it’s definitely important to have a good pilot at the helm during a storm. And Americans would have done well to have chosen Ron Paul for the presidency back when he was still running.

But the pilot is not everything. You also need the common sailors to bust their backs and bail the water out of the ship. Ordinary Americans can bail the water out by working hard, living within their means, and having more than two children. But too few Americans are doing this, and no amount of fighting over who is at the helm will change that.

To return to the seasons analogy: You might be looking for a blog that, like many blogs, says something along the lines of: “These are dark and gloomy times. It’s autumn in this country. It’s November, and November is usually followed by December, but if we work really hard, we can make the next month be July!”

If that’s the case, then Twilight Patriot is not the blog for you. Everyone knows that twilight is followed by nightfall, which, after a while, is followed by morning. The secret to being happy is to learn to do well in every part of the cycle, not to complain about how the future is depressing.

Empires rise and fall. Nations prosper and then they decline. Individuals can outlast the systems into which they were born. The current order is rotten, and deserves to be replaced by something else. I intend to outlast it and stick around to help build that something else. And I hope all of you plan to do the same.

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