Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Letter of September 2018


It seems as though half the news in this country is about how Donald Trump and some Russians hacked the last election. But this media-frenzy will have no effect if enough voters see it for what it is — an attempt to delegitimize election results unfavorable to the Democratic Party.

Democrats want it to sound like Putin’s men stuffed ballot boxes, when what really happened is that Wikileaks revealed the Democrats’ internal scandals, including their rigged primary. Democrats think that the American people had no right to reject their candidate on account of her history of corruption, since that history should have remained unknown. In other words, they aren’t sorry that they did it, they’re sorry that they got caught.

For a Democrat, election meddling doesn’t mean tampering with anybody’s ballot. Rather, it means that the American people made a decision of which Democrats disapprove, and since Russia might have influenced those people (with Facebook ads, Wikileaks, etc.) that decision shouldn’t really count. But we hear nothing against Democrats’ attempts to influence another country’s elections — remember when President Obama went to London and spoke against Brexit in 2016?

American voters should write this blather off as yet another attack on the people’s right to choose their leaders. If we voted Hillary down after discovering some dirty secret that she didn’t want us to find, I say more power to us. So don’t give in now. If you voted for Trump in 2016, then vote Republican in 2018. Otherwise, the Democrats just might succeed in scrubbing away all that we won two years ago.

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