Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Letter of July 2017


I think that everyone who watches our government has seen the goings-on in those two Eastern power-centers, New York and Washington, taking a distressing turn in the last two weeks. First came New York’s public performances of a play, ostensibly Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, but rewritten so that the title character, who is stabbed to death in Act III, is an obvious caricature of President Trump. The same sort of people who, the day after Mr. Trump’s election, held up signs captioned: “YOUR VOTE WAS A HATE CRIME” are now taking their disdain for the democratic process, when it doesn’t produce the results they want, to the next step.

Then, on June 14, a politically-involved man who had campaigned for Bernie Sanders, and accused the new President of destroying our country, tried to gun down several Republican congressmen, grievously wounding Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the Majority Whip.

Defenders of American liberalism can correctly point out that outbursts such as these are rare. But the big picture is not so rosy. Violence is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to liberal rejection of elections and self-government. Most high-ranking liberals realized long ago that it is more effective to simply rule without respect to election results or elected officials. Rather than gun them down and have their actions condemned by all, these sinister schemers have quietly rendered elected lawmakers increasingly irrelevant to the way our country is governed.

One should recall that most foreign countries which legalized abortion or same-sex marriage did so through a vote of the people or their representatives. Amazon’s new cutting edge drone technology is being deployed first in Britain, rather than the United States, because American bureaucrats, without any Congressional involvement, have outlawed most commercial drone flights. Democrats howled when elected county-clerk Kim Davis wouldn’t license same-sex marriages, but defended President Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws. In their eyes, then, it seems that an act of Congress, or any other elected body, is of little or no authority, while the dictates of bureaucrats and judges should command our absolute obedience.

Events like Wednesday’s rampage at the baseball diamond are indeed horrific. But Americans who really care about preserving our Republic will see that the threat posed by those who are content merely to shove our representatives aside, rather than massacring them, is also worthy of our concern.

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